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“I can honestly say that working with Michelle has been hugely beneficial for me. We started meeting when I was having a bit of a tough time with a few issues and having someone that listens and offers advice and solutions is on a number of levels life changing. Michelle has had a really positive effect on me and I feel happier, mentally stronger and certainly more healthy.”



“I have been working with Michelle for the past 4 months, to say she has helped me would be an understatement. With Michelle’s help, my sleep has improved, I manage my stress much better and my morning routine has been set up to allow me to get the best out of my day. I can honestly say that my business and personal life would not be in the position it is today without Michelle’s help.”


“I have been working with Michelle for the past 6 months. She has helped me no end. I would go as far as saying she helped change my life. Not only did we talk about nutrition, but we also talked about my overall health, what I was doing for work, how I was interacting with people. She made me look at my health as my whole life not just what I eat. If you are thinking of working with Michelle, just one warning. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”


“I’ve been lucky enough to benefit from Michelle’s incredible coaching programme. Over the last 2-3 weeks we’ve been focusing on my diet, my approach to food and what habits can be amended slightly to have the most impact on my health and general well-being. In just 2 weeks the results have been mind-blowing. I’m sleeping better, I have more energy, my moods improved and I feel 10 times lighter (physically and mentally).”


“Michelle = life saverI have just had my third session with her and already…Back at the gym for the first time in 15years ✔
Eating healthy consistently ✔
Sleeping better ✔
Meditating for the first time ever ✔
Feeling a lot brighter. Much more energy than ever before ✔For any lost souls who want to improve but can’t find away speak to Michelle”



“Michelle’s approach to coaching is refreshing – she does not promise to have all the answers, she listens and helps you come up with the answers yourself. After our initial conversation she empowered me to start making the changes that I needed in my life . . . and more importantly stick to them. Truly amazing!”

Amy Smith - Thomson Reuters

“I can’t thank Michelle enough for an amazing kick off to an equally amazing Thomson Reuters Design Day. We spend so much of our professional lives honing our craft and the output, that we often neglect to set aside important time for recharging our batteries and reminding ourselves that we have a story that we control.  Michelle’s session on Changing Mindsets was something that our entire team found valuable, relevant, and super approachable. Great vibes and positivity going out into the universe!”

Boston Consulting Group

“This was a phenomenal LAB Talk session (my favourite in my 8 years at BCG) and I’d love to forward to colleagues who were unable to join (and even re-listen myself). Michelle was amazing to listen to.”

Kwai Chi - Intuit

“Michelle is an exceptional expert in her field. Her ability to convey difficult topics into comprehendible and digestible information is an art to witness. The fact this is all done daily with her clients and on high pressure live streams is testament to the confidence held from the vast array of knowledge Michelle has accumulated. “

Lucy Christian - Save The Children

“Michelle presented on ‘Stress Management’ to Save the Children colleagues in our Farringdon Office as part of our Lunchtime Talks series. It proved popular, with nearly 200 people joining the session either in person or tuning in via Skype. The session was very engaging, full of practical tips and easy to follow advice. Michelle stayed to talk in more depth to those who had further questions and we received lots of great feedback from staff post-event, with one person even saying ‘it was the best Lunchtime Talk we’ve ever had.'”

John Lennon - Thyrve

“Michelle was easily able to get through to the team and quickly blew away any scepticism held by the guys. It’s easy to see how she has built up such a top-notch career in recruitment and is already making waves in the health space. I’d 100% recommend companies to invest in bringing Michelle in – she will bring value to your team and help you guys to identify areas they can look at to improve their health and happiness.”


Adam Dale - SourceBreaker

“Michelle came in to deliver a session as part of our FutureLeader’s program. It was an amazingly informative session delivered in a fun engaging way which broke down the barrier of discussing difficult and personal topics. Anyone looking to educate their team, and have fun doing it give her a call!”

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