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Matt is an EMCC Global qualified Executive Coach and Mentor at Practitioner level and Master Oxygen Advantage™ Breathwork Instructor.

“I teach leaders, teams and companies how to optimise performance, uniquely combining powerful coaching frameworks and breathing techniques in workshops, presentations and one-to-one. “

His career spans Executive-level creative leadership, driving high-performance team cultures working for companies including Dell EMCAKQABarclaysSalesforceB&QVirgin Atlantic & Zego.

He created and sold an international footwear company, SEVEN FEET APART.

He coaches one-to-one clients and groups, using a spectrum of protocols to enhance physical and mental performance as well as delivering corporate talks and breathwork sessions.

“Simply, I work with people to achieve optimal performance, across their professional and personal life.

My purpose is to help others, and for them to have simple tools they use to optimise their own life performance.

The approaches to my work:

  • As an EMCC Global qualified Transformational Coach, I work with clients to develop goals across personal and professional aspects of life and use different tools to affect intentional change.
  • As an Oxygen Advantage™ Master Breathwork Instructor, I support respiratory improvement which in turn can enhance physical performance, increase concentration, reduce stress, optimise sleep… We start with an objective and then apply regular breathwork protocols to deliver change. In addition, I also use a technique I developed – Applied Breathwork™ – to blend an oxygenated brain with creative unblocking.
  • As a Non-Exec ‘consultant’, capitalising on 22 years of experience working in marketing and transformation as a C-Level Exec of the world’s leading consultancies.
  • As a mentor, personal and professional.

It’s broad coaching, bespoke to fit with what you need to focus on. 

Everything I do is in strict confidence and never shared.” 

As well as coaching Matt teaches a variety of breathwork classes online and in person (both 1-2-1 and in groups) to show us that breathwork “is not woo woo, it is all science”.

Matt also hosts talks including:

• Using Life Bento – The Daily Way to Thrive

Every day, I use a combination of deliberate practices to ensure that I am lighter, clearer and stronger. I call it Life Bento, a play on the traditional Japanese meal box that has a prefect balance of nutrition. 

With this fun workshop, you’ll explore the goals of your practise and then make a commitment to add the nutrients you need for an intentional, optimal day.  

• Picture of Health

Are your personal and business behaviours aligned to you desire to maximise your potential?

Can you use an induced flow state to clarify your thinking, direction and intentions?

This half day workshop blends unique change frameworks with the power of the breath.

• From Here to Extraordinary 

Each one of us has the capacity to be extraordinary. So do our teams. And companies.  The aim of this talk with Matt is to inspire you and your team to think differently and perform better.  This is a chance to experience an extraordinary story that will challenge and improve your business’s inner workings, with takeaways you can implement to support yourself and your team.  

• What to Change and How to Change it 

To go further we must adopt a set of behaviours for optimal performance.  This talk with Matt Bagwell will guide you through 7 ways to make real long term change for yourself and your team, including the introduction of his “life bento box”.

• Breathwork for Women

There are 13 million women in the UK in the perimenopausal and menopausal age range, that’s a third of the female population.  This 90 minute workshop shares scientific and practical information to manage during this life stage.

• Men’s mental health and the two sides of the journey. 

Matt will be sharing his own journey to mental wellness and I will discuss how I supported him, which is often a hard story not talked about.  

Find out more about Matt on his LinkedIn or join one of his breathwork classes on Instagram. 

Email Matt on matt@mattcoaching.com for an initial conversation about how he can support you to live a high performing, deliberate life.

Learn to Live

Who should work with me?
Anyone who wants to know how to manage their body and mind optimally for higher performance.

People who want to do their sport more efficiently.

People who want to manage stress, avoid depression and anxiety, or sleep better.

And people who want to unlock their creativity, using breathing and powerful pre-visualisation techniques.

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